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Car Parts

In our catalog you can find many spare parts, all available for immediate delivery. Use the search to easily find products for your car.

Scrapped Cars

We have a wide range of dismantled complete cars available for parts sales.



Book the home collection for the scrapping of your car or other vehicle. We will take care of everything: from preparing the documents for the car scrapping, to starting the demolition practice up to the cancellation from the PRA.

Car and motorcycle demolition Tavullia, Pesaro and Rimini

Ecostar. The scrapping professionals

Ecostar combines long experience, high preparation and maximum respect for the environment to offer the best services in the car and motorcycle demolition sector.

With years of experience behind it, Ecostar has acquired in-depth knowledge in car and motorcycle radiation practices, guaranteeing full compliance with current regulations and maximum transparency at every stage of the process.

We take care of each vehicle in a professional and responsible way, from the moment of acquisition until its complete disposal, offering an efficient and reliable service to our customers.

Our attention to the environment is one of our main strengths. Ecostar follows a rigorous ecological disposal process, which requires maximum attention to environmental protection.

In fact, our highly qualified staff manages each phase of the disposal process according to environmental standards, guaranteeing minimal impact on the ecosystem.

We have a vast spare parts warehouse that allows us to offer our customers a vast choice of original spare parts, coming from disassembled vehicles with the utmost care and precision. Our goal is to provide the best services to our customers, offering a wide range of quality options, dedicated discounts and competent and courteous assistance.

Our Service

  • Purchase / collection of crashed or melted cars on immediate evaluation
  • Immediate delivery of the scrapping certificate upon collection of the vehicle for change of insurance and/or suspension of road tax
  • Car disbarment with administrative detention
  • Management of your vehicles and waste with maximum respect for the environment
  • Scrapping of new generation electric cars with proper management and disposal
  • Spare parts checked and washed ready for assembly
  • Availability of tested motors ready for assembly
  • Scheduled spare parts delivery service without wasting time
  • On-site spare parts collection
  • Collection of used lead acid batteries
  • Collection of alternators, air conditioning compressors and starter motors

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